Saturday morning Walkies



We’ve made it!! It’s finally here!! The weekend, that can only mean one thing…it’s Jacks turn!!

I can finally have a little bit more sleep, I can finally get a shower and finally eat something using both of my hands and I can actually leave the house, I’m so excited!! I really do love Saturday mornings.
Now that I can move around a bit more without resembling a badly made robot from the 80’s, Violet and me are allowed to accompany Jack and Echo on their morning walk to get a bit of fresh air, Having previously not been allowed due to the fact, to quote Jack, it would take me “a million years” to get anywhere. I’ve bought myself a rather cool Joy & Joe baby wrap that allows me to strap my child to my chest Kangaroo style and get out and about and feel a bit more normal.
However, ‘normal’ is not something either Jack or Echo are familiar with. 10 minutes into our lovely family walk I find myself shouting ‘JUST BEHAVE LIKE AN ADULT’ after listening to Jack sing his own version of lyrics to the song ‘You’re the one that I want’ from Greece, at the top of his voice on repeat since we set off. This is met almost instantly with a resounding ‘NO’ before he runs off to scare the dog for his own amusement. I find myself wondering that if my daughter grows up to be anything like her dad, I will forever be surrounded by a bunch of misbehaving weirdos that I have absolutely no control over. A very unsettling thought.
When we reach our destination by the lake, we let Echo off and for a moment I am reminded why we got a dog. There’s something quite lovely about watching his stupidly big ears flop around uncontrollably while he and Jack chase each other around through the long grass. I decide to try and get a photograph to document this nice moment only to look up and find my boyfriend walking around with his pants half down in an attempt to photobomb my picture with his bare arse, evidently he’s decided that ‘mooning’ in the background would be unbearable funny. Safe to say said photo will not be making it onto the blog. If I thought I could use it as a form of bribery, it would be photographic gold, sadly however, the boy is unembarrass-able (unembarearse-able)
Throughout all of this I have to say Violet has been blissfully good as gold, sleeping soundly snuggled to my chest without a peep. Who would have thought the best behaved one of us would be the month old child.
What can I say, the Chic family life style I dreamed of just isn’t for us. I feel we are destined to be the family that people warn you about, the ones you avoid when you see them out in public. Yay.

That’s all for now,

Violet, Echo and Me..and the bare arsed Buffoon.

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