WANTED: Extra pair of hands.

Mastering the art of multi-multi-tasking is something every new mother must learn. You see, most women have already mastered the art of multi-tasking by the time they’ve teach their 20’s. Doing the laundry while making tea and upholding a conversation with someone at the same time is pretty standard. When you become a mother it switches up a gear, Holding a new baby in your arms, while walking down the stairs, kicking the dog out from under your feet while carrying a pile of dirty washing down the stairs all at the same time. This is multi multi-tasking.
I’m not sure weather I feel like Wonder Woman or Cinderella while I’m balancing on the stairs with one leg, while the other leg holds the hoover in place. One hand holding the baby’s head while she sleeps in the sling I’m wearing and the other hand doing the actual Hoovering. At least Cinderella got to be a princess at the end of all the housework, I just get the satisfaction of there being slightly less dog hair caked on my carpet but it’s safe to say I’m getting better at this!!
Today I managed to conquer the mammoth task of walking the dog with the baby. It was actually quite enjoyable, Echo was well behaved for once and then Violet slept like a..well a baby. The walk back was slightly more challenging as Echo decided to try and drag a stick three times his size home with him. However it was rather amusing to see him wrestling with one end and then look rather startled and confused when the other end swung round and smacked him up the arse…multiple times. It’s the little things in life he-he.

Violet, Echo and Me.


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