“There’s always time for tea”.. apparently

IMG_3523.JPGIt’s a miserable afternoon and I find myself sat in the arm chair in our dining room, staring longingly at my cup of tea on the other side of the room while the munchkin chows down on her 40th meal of the day. I have to wonder if I’ll ever get to enjoy the sweet nectar of a hot brew (or meal) ever again. It seems every time I am about to eat or drink something, the little one knows and starts bawling at the top of her lungs to be fed, changed or burped or all of the above.
I’ve discovered motherhood is a series of choices between what you’d like to do and what you should do. For instance when I’ve just finished making my breakfast (at 1pm, because this is the first chance I’ve had despite being awake since 5.30am) and the munchkin starts squawking..do I A) Ignore her and carry on making my food or B) Go to her and see what’s wrong? Obviously tending to the child would be “right” choice although I do find myself considering questionable alternatives such as C) Scran the half finished meal down faster than a fat kid at a pie eating contest or D) Juggle both the child in one arm and the food in the other, possibly resulting in a child covered in said food because I’ve inevitably dropped it on her while trying to eat one handed..I mean after all what she won’t remember being covered in scramble egg while being used as a make shift table by her increasingly ravenous mother will she??
Anyway, opting for option B) I’ve decided to instead make a mental note to google weather having an extra pair of hands added to ones body is something that may be plausible in the near future and for now made peace with the fact all meals and beverages will have to be enjoyed cold..Bon appetite little one.

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