Echo Part I : The unexpected Journey of a Beagle owner

It was a year ago today when we took the plunge to extend our family and brought home a little pup named Echo and so to honour the anniversary of the death of our patience, my posts this week will be about life with Echo.

He was a tiny ball of cuteness that neither of us could stop cuddling. He was lovely. Little did we know he would come to be a bigger pain in the arse than that time I landed on a tree stump, bottom first while sledging resulting in a bruise so big I couldn’t sit down for week..yep Echo is worse.
We had such high hopes for what life with a dog would be like, a pedigree breed, well trained, family animal that we could spend our weekends walking in beautiful countryside settings. Oh how wrong we were.
To be honest, looking back, our ‘doggy’ ideals were doomed from the start. Firstly we decided to get a Beagle on a whim after seeing two on a day trip out to Bowness on Windermere. We were initially on a waiting list for a Cocker Spaniel from a breeder known to Jacks family, them themselves having four spaniels, gave us some idea of the type of dogs he bred and a sense of knowing what we could handle.
Buuuuut naive impatience set in and the same evening as our lakes visit, we found a Beagle breeder in the area and booked ourselves a visit. That’s when things started to unravel.
Firstly we wanted a Lady Beagle, we’d picked out a lovely name and I could picture her prancing around with a fluffy collar and pink lead as Jack looked on with disgust, I had it all thought out and it was going to be brilliant. However Jack being Jack didn’t exactly specify this on the phone and rather just stated that we wanted ‘a dog’.
Now to your average fellow a dog means a dog, but to a Dog breeder dog means ‘Dog’ as in MALE DOG. So when we turned up to see the delicious bundles of squeaks, we were only shown male pups, presuming she had sold the rest of the litter we choose our particular little squeak and only after we had made our choice, were we informed the Bitches were in the back. Ohh. Poo. But by this point it was to late and we’d fallen in love with our baby Beagle.
That’s the other thing, choosing our puppy. I had my eye on a particularly playful ginger pup that was tugging at my shoe laces but when I looked up, the breeder was showing Jack her favourite pup, ‘this ones my favourite, he’s the naughty one, he’s so mischievous’ she said. For Christ sake, I knew what was coming but before I could open my mouth to say anything Jack looked at me and said ‘Yeah, I want this one, I want a dog with character’. Well boyo you certainly got one of them *round of applause to Jack everyone* and the rest was history.
We should have known what to expect, being that our first impression of Echo was watching him tackle and destroy a tennis ball the same size as himself, while the other pups playful chewed on our fingers, but having done no research we were blissfully unaware of the rather naughty names Beagles have made for themselves as a breed.

We now know that they are overwhelmingly known for being stubborn, have a tendency to climb and jump on things, an insatiable appetite and a pure ‘whatever’ attitude when it comes to being told off and on top of all this…we’d gone and picked ‘the naughty one’ *gulp*

To be continued…

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