Autumn 🍂 

Autumn, the years last, loveliest smile. – William Cullen Bryant



So it seems like it was five minutes ago that it was a beautiful July Sunday and I was at my baby shower with my closest family and friends, Grumpily and rather uncomfortably awaiting the arrival of Baby V. Now all of a sudden she’s nearly 11 weeks old, it’s October and Autumn is in full swing…How did that happen?! Is it just me or are the years going faster and faster. It seems the closer I get to 30 the faster the years go, Father Time sure has twisted sense of humour, I suspect him and Jack are in on it together to wind me up.
I have to say I love Autumn. The days are still somewhat filled with sunlight and warm breezes, beautiful reds and burnt orange hues are present on every tree top and there are an increased number of rainy days that allow a tired mama to stay in bed and read while the baby sleeps. Of course it’s also filled with colds, flu and snotty noses as I’ve come to remember recently after I wound up with an extra baby to take care off in the form of Jack and his Man Flu.
On top of everything I usually do, I had to take on Jack’s chores as well and find time to feel sympathetic towards the great lump knowing full well me and the baby would be enduring the same cold in a few days time WITHOUT the ability to ring in sick and stay off work. I have to say I was probably not to subtle with my irritation and actually wasn’t all that sympathetic which I realised when he apologised to me for being ill. Bless him.
I still do love everything about Autumn though, jumpers and boots, cosy evenings by the fire, soups and casseroles, hot chocolates in big mugs and lots of online shopping in preparation for Christmas and of course Halloween, one of my favourite seasonal holidays.
Since I’ve become a Mother I’ve replaced my old shopping addiction of buying things I don’t need with buying Violet things she doesn’t need. I have a list longer than Violet herself of items I want to get her for Christmas and have bought her a whole new Autumn/Winter wardrobe that is almost as cute as she is. I want Violet to grow up loving this time of year as much as I do and have invested great deals of energy into making Autumnal decorations for the house hoping to spark a love for creativity from a young age.


The Dog however is having a slightly less fun start to Autumn. After using it as a threat to deter bad behaviour (as if the dog actually understands bribery) we finally made the decision to get him neutered. We were told it would help calm his behaviour, help to stop him humping our guests and all in all make him a more enjoyable dog to have around. Time will tell but so far he’s still an arsehole.



The post surgery instructions given to me by the vet clearly state for him to have STRICT REST. Now this means, short walks, no jumping on furniture and pretty much sleeping all day long. Sounds like a dog’s dream no? Sure sounds like a dream to me. However Echo being Echo has no concept of the word rest, least of all because he’s a dog and doesn’t understand the English language but also because I’m pretty sure he’s actually the descendant of a Tasmanian Devil. I was hoping at the very least for a few days after the op, I would have a slightly woeful puppy, who felt a bit sorry for himself and would spend the day sleeping. However the day after the op consisted of me chasing him around the house trying to get him to stop jumping on things and barrelling himself up and down the stairs with this notion of ‘strict rest’ ringing in my ears. Seems he decided this was the right time to practice his climbing skills…do his painkillers contain Amphetamines? Seriously, what the hell is wrong with this dog. If having his bollocks removed doesn’t slow him down, I lose hope anything will. For now I guess I’ll have to continue trying to train him into better behaviour. I fear it may be easier to train a fish to climb trees, why didn’t we just get a goldfish?




Violet, Echo (minus two testicles) and me.

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