Halloween 🎃 

If you go up into the woods today You’re in for a nasty surprise, Ghost and Ghouls and Goblins too And creatures without any eyes

You’ll see the Vampires bats lined up on all the branches and trees       And witches gathered around cackling over their afternoon teas

For this is the time of the year, you see when the evil things gather to meet and discuss the mischief to come and who they are going to eat

For this is All Hallows Eve don’t you know, and spooking and creeping is law, The dead return to the land of the living, the zombies eat all their meals raw

The souls that have past come back once again to visit their old stomping grounds, Don’t be surprised when you’re walking around, you see monsters and three headed hounds

This is the night when we celebrate the dead and the weird too, With a trick and a treat we wander the streets scaring kids with a scream and BOO

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