A Beagle named Echo 

There once was a Beagle named Echo Who reeked havoc on all from the get go To end from beginning There just was no winning This Beagle knows not, the word 'no' His cute little face was deceiving He was destructive from morning till evening Chewing all in his path He's unfazed by your wrath... Continue Reading →

What the Devil to do..

"The Devil makes work for idle thumbs" It is now approximately 11 weeks since I finished work and I now have a 6 week old bablet. Although the endless nappy changes and rigorous feeding schedule keeps me somewhat busy I find myself at a bit of a loss. After the initial shock of waking up... Continue Reading →

Bank holiday weekend “fun”

  Everywhere I looked on social media this weekend I saw people's bank holiday kicking off in style. Three nights out in a row, amazing outfits, copious amounts of alcohol (I want a glass of wine!!), endless Snapchats of dancing queens and party animals, followed by the three days of hungover statuses and rough looking... Continue Reading →

Saturday morning Walkies

  We've made it!! It's finally here!! The weekend, that can only mean one thing...it's Jacks turn!! I can finally have a little bit more sleep, I can finally get a shower and finally eat something using both of my hands and I can actually leave the house, I'm so excited!! I really do love... Continue Reading →

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