This post was meant for earlier this month, however I now have a teething 20 week old baby who doesn’t like it when I sit down to write and ignore her, apparently she thinks it’s ‘bad parenting’ or whatever, so it’s a bit late! So, a year ago this month, on the 3rd of December,... Continue Reading →

We do have a life..promise.

Photographic evidence that we left the house this weekend. Despite the fact it was overwhelmingly tempting to stay in bed, we tried to make it look like we have a life. Even if it was just a chippy tea down by the sea, the sunlight touched my face and it counts!!  

Saturday morning Walkies

  We've made it!! It's finally here!! The weekend, that can only mean one thing...it's Jacks turn!! I can finally have a little bit more sleep, I can finally get a shower and finally eat something using both of my hands and I can actually leave the house, I'm so excited!! I really do love... Continue Reading →

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