Halloween 🎃 

If you go up into the woods today You’re in for a nasty surprise, Ghost and Ghouls and Goblins too And creatures without any eyes You’ll see the Vampires bats lined up on all the branches and trees       And witches gathered around cackling over their afternoon teas For this is the time of... Continue Reading →

Nature’s last hurrah 

Nature’s last hurrah  The wind is in a hurry, winters on its way The weather becomes much wilder now that summer’s had its day  The trees begin to flourish with leaves so beautiful and bold They’ve waited months to show the world the colours that they hold  The sun steps back a little back and... Continue Reading →

Autumn 🍂 

Autumn, the years last, loveliest smile. - William Cullen Bryant . . So it seems like it was five minutes ago that it was a beautiful July Sunday and I was at my baby shower with my closest family and friends, Grumpily and rather uncomfortably awaiting the arrival of Baby V. Now all of a... Continue Reading →

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